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The Hedon Wish List

Hedon Wish List 2010 with The Hedon Blog

“Imagine the kind of place we want Hedon to be!”

THE HEDON BLOG wants to grow an online conversation about the town. That conversation can cover everything that matters to local people and can be shared with the rest of the world via the internet.

This campaign will aim to generate a Town Wish List. This will list all ideas that people have for making Hedon a better place to live and work in.

The Wish List will reflect individual ambitions and constructive proposals for the town. Let’s imagine the kind of place we want Hedon to be!

The Wish List should not be a list of negatives: If you know of a problem, then what is a possible answer? You can be as imaginative as you like.


A town that doesn’t have dangerous traffic going through its centre!

  • Traffic calming measures
  • Community speed watch
  • More safer crossing areas

More things for young people to do!

  • Extend the Youth Club opening times
  • Speak to young people about what they want and would use

Once we have developed the Wish List, we will prioritise it into realistic actions that can be tackled now, sooner or later. We will look at the actions that need to take place in order to make the priorities happen! And who can help us achieve some of these: Councils, MPs, NHS, business, voluntary organisations, etc?

The Wish List will open for ideas on Tuesday 1st December 2009 and will close on Sunday 31st January 2010.

You can take part in generating the Hedon Wish List 2010 by visiting The Hedon Blog between those dates.

2 thoughts on “The Hedon Wish List

  1. Totally agree, I played for many years on that pitch for Hedon United, could it be that someone wants to sell it to the new developement next door. It should be developed for sporting activities and get kids out playing in the fresh air

  2. Sort out the overgrown and dilapidated football pitch (ex Hedon Rangers) at Drapers Lane so the kids have somewhere to play football. At the moment there is absolutely nowhere for them to have a game of soccer without getting moved on after a few minutes.

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