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Hedon Online?

THIS WEBSITE – as well as being a great blogging hobby – does seem to have identified a gap in Hedon. That is the lack of an online presence for the town.

So is there room for a new website HEDON ONLINE or HU12 ONLINE in the town that intends to bring really ‘hyper-local’ information to the inhabitants of Hedon? Such a service could feature news items directly affecting the town, information on public, business and voluntary services available. Everything town related – from the timings of the local free ASDA bus, the chemist opening hours, to the entertainment at the local pubs – could be covered.

Those residents with issues to share, complaints and compliments to make about services, with stories to tell about the town and its character would find a platform to debate these and collaborate and network with other residents.

All in all it could be a one-stop-shop on everything about Hedon

Would you like to get involved? If so contact hedonblog@gmx.com

13 thoughts on “Hedon Online?

  1. Sorry to bother you, but I am trying to find someone who would be interested in an old letter, dated 1927, about Hedon United AFC.
    Do you know of anyone interested in local footballl memorabilia?
    S. Wyllys

  2. Its a great idea… infact there is no REAL online presence for any of the villages in the south east area of yorkshire/Holderness. I have wanted to find out information for my radio show on a small community radio station in withernsea as i do a whats on guide, but i really struggle to find out any info anywhere unless i visit every villiage and look in the post office window… if there is still a post office!

    Keep it up, i think its great.

  3. Great idea, I didnt know the blog existed until I received the flyer. As a resident of Hedon and a member of Hedon Drama Group I’m hoping this site will bring the community together and provide us with more members and bigger audiences – we have been operating in Hedon for 65 years and its amazing how many people dont know we exist despite posters and flyers! Keep up t

  4. Saw the leaflet yesterday and am browsing as I type. Must agree with other posters, an excellent idea. Not from this area originally but have been in Preston for just over two years and am loving it.

  5. Great Site
    Keep it up!!!
    To those unfamilar with browsing web pages
    Most of the underlined text on my webpages is a link to topic
    So To visit Hedon info ..just click on the text

  6. Tony – 5,000 leaflets to the HU12 area. Circulated via the Holderness Advertiser (a Hull Daily Mail freebie).

    Visitors have shot through the roof! More each day in the last two days than I got in the whole month of February!

    Only a few people (a small perentage of the total – I’ll work out the figures later) post comments though.

    So come on readers! Become a commentator! Add your voice to the blog!

  7. Just received the flyer with the paper and like the idea very much.
    Maybe you could incorporate links to local people’s websites
    I have a lot of info about Hedon on mine!!!

      1. Hi Ray
        How’s things.
        Is Geoff the only response to the leaflet and he’s alrady blogging.
        How many leaflets did you get printed?
        Keep up the good work and see you soon.
        Best wishes

  8. its a great idea …ive often thought of doing a local paper similar to the newsletter they currently do, which is ok but avoids covering proper issues and seems to be more interested in providing local businesses with advertising opportunitys…. might be worth running an ad to advertise the blog though … and you could also sell some advertising space to cover any costs on the site. its nice to see a good mix of news items on here

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