“What’s the Point?” Why so much suffering?

“Why does God allow so much suffering?” An opportunity to question the church.

On Wednesday 29 June 2022, the guest speaker at “What’s the Point?” is Reverend Alisdair Laird. People often ask, “Why does God allow so much suffering?” so who better than a former hospital chaplain (Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill hospitals) to address this question?

7.30pm – 9pm, The Camerton, Thorngumbald HU12 9NG.

The meetings held on Wednesdays will be very informal, and anyone can turn up, whether atheist, believer or not sure what they believe. They start at 7.30pm and will end by 9pm (though anyone can leave earlier or stay later).

For more information, you can contact Philip at philipwest@pwwest.karoo.co.uk or by telephone on 01964 603199.

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