#Hedfest22 at the Church Friday 3 June

Hedon Festival Friday 3 June 2022

Saint Augustine’s Church Indoor Stage from 2pm:

A completely different sound and atmosphere will excite festival-goers at Saint Augustine’s church from that at Far Bank (see hedfest.uk).

Benefiting from perhaps 1,000 years of superb architectural acoustics will be a lineup of Sam Connolly, Tom Gorringe, Brodie Milner, American Daughters, Ed James, Kobe Allenby, Rob Bywater, Pete Clarkson, Katrina Rae and Beth Pilling.

The running order (subject to change), is:

  • 2.00pm Beth Pilling
  • 2.30pm Katrina Rae
  • 3.00pm Pete Clarkson
  • 3.30pm Rob Bywater
  • 4.15pm Kobe Allenby
  • 5.00pm Ed James
  • 6.00pm American Daughters
  • 7.00pm Brodie Milner
  • 8.00pm Tom Gorringe
  • 9.00pm Sam Connolly

Stage managed by Africa Studios (Hull).

Part of Hedon’s Celebrations of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

#HEDFEST22 is sponsored by:

Photo of the Day

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