New Events Listing service? What do you think?

New Events Listing pilot:

THE WHAT’S ON? PAGE is by far our most popular page with hundreds of views each day. However, it is looking cluttered and not easy to read. So we are looking at refreshing the page with a new Events Menu and Listing service.

Our current What’s On? page consists of links (hyperlinks) to Blog articles/posts. The new system will still mostly adopt that approach but each event will be summarised and organised by date order and a set of easy-to-navigate categories.

Please have a look and do let us know what you think. We have options to improve the basic listings service and offer the ability to Event Organisers to easily add their own events. That comes at a cost, but we will foot that cost if Event Organisers, residents and visitors to the area find the service useful.

Please have a look at our temporary page: What’s On by Hedon Blog and search the menu and see what you think. There are some gaps and events still to enter, but there is enough there to give you an idea of how it would operate.

You can dive straight in below:

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