Reporting dog fouling – and will action be taken?

DOG FOULING is one of those issues that is sure to get hackles rising! It was raised once again at Hedon Town Council’s public participation meeting last Thursday. A written question asked what could be done to report those who let their dogs foul and don’t pick it up. The resident also posed the question: “Would any action be taken?” against offenders.

The Town Clerk had responded directly to the questioner by sending him the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s (ERYC) Dog Warden contact details.

The advice from ERYC:  If you see irresponsible dog owners walk on after their dog has fouled, you need to note the location, the time and date, a description of the dog and owner, and a name and an address of the owner where possible. You can report the incident by email:, by phone on 01482 396301 or online at Littering and Dog Fouling Report (you have to register/login).

To request the removal of dog mess from the street call 01482 393939.

The question about what action might be taken is moot. No doubt warning letters are sent out. But a Freedom of Information request in 2021 by Hedon Blog revealed that in 2019 the number of complaints about dog fouling made to ERYC by telephone, email or online reporting was 528, in 2020 it was 384. Yet in 2019 ERYC issued only 3 fixed penalty notices, and in 2020 only 1 was issued.

Whilst it is important that those with complaints obtain the necessary information to make intelligent reports the location, time and date, description of the dog and owner, and names and addresses of the owners where possible, it would also seem to be important that action is taken by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council where reliable information is received – and actually seen to be taken.


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