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New Camera? New Year resolution to learn photography?

CHRISTMAS is often the time of year when people are gifted new cameras or make a New Year resolution to learn more about photography. Hedon benefits from the existence of several photography clubs that cover the town and local district, but only one that is free to join and is indelibly linked to Hedon through its support for local community activities.

Hedon Viewfinders was founded in November 2016 and meets on a weekly basis (Wednesdays) at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon. Its membership ranges from those who are professional photographers, to those who have picked up a camera (or camera phone) for the first time. Club events are always open to all and Hedon Viewfinders is proud of its reputation as being one of the friendliest places to learn and teach people about photography.

Ray Duffill, founder of the club and also Hedon Blog editor, said: “Photography can be an occasional hobby or an all-consuming passion, it can be a solo activity, or something that is best done with others. To strike a balance in the club, and put on events and arrange activities that suit all, is actually not very easy, but in Viewfinders, we have enthusiastic members who go out of their way to make others welcome. And that’s the secret ingredient; members nurture each other’s development and build up real friendships at the same time. Members become both learners and teachers sharing both their knowledge and experience. And the meetings reflect this. There’s also lots of laughter. Even those very serious about their hobby and ambitions for photography find the meetings fun. And this social aspect of the club is another ingredient that contributes to the success of Hedon Viewfinders. We sum it all up in our byline – “Hedon Viewfinders – Free, Fun and Friendly!”

“For 2022 we are going to continue with our mix of meetings, outings, trips and holidays that cater for all interests. During the recent lockdown restrictions, we adopted the approach of organising smaller workshops geared towards smaller groups. This approach will continue. That means we can respond to the particular interests of any group of our members; wildlife, portraits, light painting, macro, etc.

“This really is a good time to pick up a camera or phone and explore and record the world through photography. Making your images and photos will mean that you begin to observe things around you more closely; you literally do begin to see the world through different eyes! It’s a fascinating hobby and pastime that is just great for relaxation and developing a better state of mind.

“So if you get a new camera for Christmas and want to learn more about it, or if you make ‘photography’ your New Year’s hobby – then Hedon Viewfinders will be perfect for you! You are welcome to come along anytime, no appointment needed!”

Hedon Viewfinders first meeting of 2022 is on Wednesday 5 January at the Haven Arms, Havenside, Hedon HU12 8HH. Starting at 7pm it will be an informal meeting, with plenty of things to photograph and people to help you with your new kit!

Note: Hedon Viewfinders will exercise any necessary precautions in line with Covid-19 pandemic regulations. This may affect how we manage the meetings.

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