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Preston Church has a new Zentangle logo!

PRESTON CHURCH has a new logo – a Zentangle – which will be used on all its official stationery and communications.

The new logo is a Zentangle depiction of All Saints drawn by local village artist Helen Davison. This is a form of meditative artistic doodling that has repeating patterns. Helen explained that she has been doing these types of drawings since a youngster and never knew that they were called Zentangles!

Helen presented the original artwork to a delighted churchwarden John Myers last week. John said, “We’ve needed a logo for some time and this will be used on all our posters and event notices.”

Helen had been commissioned to create the logo following her work being noticed at a craft fair held in the church a few weeks earlier. Helen was accompanied to the church by her husband Keith Davison. Keith had taken the original photograph of All Saints Church upon which the artwork was based. The photo here was taken from the same spot as Keith’s photo.

Churchwarden John Myers gets the original artwork from Helen Davison.
Zentangle depiction of All Saints Church, Preston.

You can find more work by Helen Davison on social media. Look for ARTY AITCH. This includes Facebook at

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