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Hedon Calendars 2022 for sale! £3.

Hedon Calendars 2022
Hedon Town Calendar

HEDON CALENDARS 2022 – With Christmas looming closer, then it’s a perfect time to promote our fair town to your circle of friends and relatives by buying them a Hedon Calendar!

There are two Hedon Calendars 2022 to choose from – both £3:

  1. Hedon Town Council’s calendar is available from the Town Hall (only Wed to Fri this week though before New Year), Dennis Estate Agents, Occasions and Mr & Mrs Sweetie. The proceeds from sales go towards the ongoing organisation of community events arranged by Hedon Town Council.
  2. The Hedon Charity Calendar is on sale at Hedon Green Print. Anyone from Hedon wanting a copy of the charity calendar, particularly those who find it difficult to get into town, can arrange for free delivery. Contact the Hedon Rant & Banter Facebook group page. The charity calendar is raising money for two local good causes; Hedon Museum and Ruben’s Voice.

Each Calendar has a set of 12 wonderful images taken by local photographers.

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