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Temporary waiting shelters at Market Hill for patients?

Holderness Health has come up with a proposal to protect patients, queuing outside Hedon surgery, from the effects of bad weather.

AN IDEA to protect patients queuing outside the Doctors’ surgery from the winter weather is being considered by Holderness Health. The ideas were disclosed at Hedon Town Council last night (Thursday 9 December 21); the council had been asked to submit its opinion.

Holderness Health has been besieged with controversy and criticism of its efforts to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. Prime amongst target for complaint is the health care provider’s appointments and telephone system, but also, particularly during the colder winter months, the practice of patients having to queue outside has drawn complaints.

Market Hill on a quieter pre-Covid Sunday. Market Hill House (Hedon Group Practice) is on the left.

Whilst socially distanced queuing has become the norm during the pandemic to control how many people can safely occupy a building, the wind, rain and snow can make the queue experience very unpleasant. When patients have to queue in the open elements, then the experience can be very disturbing indeed.

Holderness Health has approached Hedon Town Council with the suggestion of placing a temporary building unit(s) on the grassed area adjacent to Market Hill House (Hedon Group Practice) as a waiting area. The proposal would mean the temporary loss of up to 10-12 parking spaces in order to make a safe crossing area from the waiting room to the surgery.

Hedon Town Council which owns the land at Market Hill, at its meeting last night welcomed the efforts to protect patients from the winter weather. However, concerns were expressed about the loss of car parking spaces, and, on a recorded vote, the council expressed the view that it would prefer a stand-alone covered shelter on the footpath, one that was similar to, but larger, than a bus shelter. However, the council was willing and hoping to discuss ideas in more detail with managers at the practice.

Any ideas would need to go to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for a decision in the first instance.

The fact that Holderness Health is proposing this temporary solution is testimony to the fact that they are listening to patients’ concerns. Whilst social media channels offer a way to highlight issues and concerns with other people and patients, in order to get your concerns, complaints (and compliments) raised formally, then address your concerns to email: eryccg.feedback.holdernesshealth@nhs.net, and find out more about Patient Feedback and Concerns at: https://www.churchviewsurgery.com/info.aspx?p=5&fbclid

3 thoughts on “Temporary waiting shelters at Market Hill for patients?

  1. Just send repeat prescription to the nearest shop for collection, like Burton Pidsea. I requested it and they said yes, so ask and see what they say.

  2. Should not the problem have been acknowledged and dealt with by a scheme that looks after their patients. Perhaps putting the patient first has been lost since COVID.

  3. To make elderly I’ll people wait outside in winter weather is barbaric and shows no care for patients.
    A shelter so people can huddle together under it is more safe than socially distance indoors. Has commonsense gone out of the window? Covid appears to be frying their brains.

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