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Holderness Gazette and Holderness Health question time monthly feature

Question time:

THE HOLDERNESS GAZETTE has introduced a new monthly question time feature during which they will be putting public questions and concerns to Holderness Health. The health care provider’s answers will be published in the edition released on the last Thursday of every month.

If you have any concerns or would like to ask a question please email them to, and your weekly local newspaper will put them to Holderness Health for a response.

Cake to celebrate the creation of Holderness Health in October 2018.

Follow the Gazette Editor Sam Hawcroft’s weekly column at: for updates “…about your local community newspaper that is entirely – proudly – independent, in that it’s not owned by GiantNewsPaperCorps plc.”

Ray Duffill Hedon Blogger and Hedon Correspondent for the Holderness Gazette
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