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Visit Hedon Museum – a little bus ride away!

Visit Hedon Museum exhibition. Plate Ceramic photo.

VISIT HEDON MUSEUM. It is staging its Creative Inspiration exhibition. This includes Ceramics by Rachel Ehlert inspired by the Surrealists and Paintings by Julie Marshall inspired by the landscape.

The museum attracts people from across the region but bizarrely there are still people in Hedon who don’t know about the town’s museum or have never visited. Wednesdays are now the perfect day for Hedon residents stuck at home to visit the museum!

The Hedon town little bus service runs on Wednesdays and provides the perfect way to get closer to Hedon Museum. Bringing residents into the town centre it’s perfect for the local shops, the Hedon Market, the local eating places, and the Hedon Museum.

The Hedon Museum is located behind the Town Hall and can be found via Watmough’s Arcade just near Iveson Close car park or via Blue Ball entry on George Street.

A Hedon Museum stall at Hedon Market a couple of weeks ago.

Hedon Town Bus Service perfect for residents.

Hedon Town Bus Service No 84 runs Wednesdays around Hedon and into the town centre.

St Augustine’s Church bus stop (Market Hill)13.40
Magdalen Lane10.55 13.41
Brevere Rd (Hail & Ride) 10.5613.42
Inmans Rd school (Hail & Ride) 10.5913.45
Watson Dr (Hail & Ride) 11.0113.47
St Anthony’s Park (Hail & Ride) 11.0213.48
St Nicholas Gate (Hail & Ride) 11.0313.49
Acklam Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0413.50
Thorn Rd bus stop11.0513.51
Cleeve Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0613.52
Cromwell Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0713.53
Cleeve Rd (Hail & Ride) 11.0813.54
Thorn Rd bus stop11.1013.55
Sheriffs Highway bus stop11.1113.56
Hull Rd bus stop11.1313.58
Drapers Lane (Hail & Ride) 11.1413.59
Birch Tree Dr (Hail & Ride) 11.1514.00
Westlands Rd11.1914.04
Hull Rd bus stop11.2014.05
St Augustine’s Church bus stop (Market Hill) 11.2314.08
Hedon Town Bus is perfect for trips to Market Place.

Everything about the Hedon Town Bus service.

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