Love Exploring App coming to Hedon!

Hedon Town Council has resolved to get involved with the mobile Love Exploring app, and looks to set up some local interactive trails.

AS PART of its Active Towns project, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been creating some interactive trails with the Love Exploring app. Now, Hedon Town Council has resolved to get involved with Love Exploring and looks to set up some local interactive trails.

Love Exploring Dinosaurs image
Mobile phone exploring!

Sprytar Love Exploring is an app using augmented reality on mobile devices to make interactive trails, routes, games, facts and history experiences. It’s licensed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) which allows them to develop new initiatives using the app across the East Riding. It has been used in ERYC’s Active Towns pilot project where residents and visitors can download the free app to their mobile phone. They can then follow a map as they walk about their town, local parks and attractions. It has been used to create a dinosaur safari trail for example.

One of the ideas suggested by Hedon Town Councillors is to use the app to create an interactive Hedon Town Treasure Hunt. This would build on the physical events held in previous years. Another idea is to bring Hedon history walks to life using the app.

Augmented reality – a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world.

Hedon Blog was involved in early discussions about using the then-infant augmented reality technology to create interactive experiences. Along with the late Paul Cross in 2010, we raised the idea of making the Paul Heritage Trail interactive. Images on the trail posts could have triggered your mobile phone and introduce you to online presenters and information. At that time the technology was too new to interest commercial partners. In 2012 Hedon Blog was involved in an augmented reality news pilot project. In 2016, the idea of making Hedon Town Council’s wayfarer notice boards interactive and responsive to mobile technology was also mooted.

The technology has really improved since those early augmented reality discussions. Love Exploring is an exciting use of mobile phone technology. It will prompt some fascinating discussions and ideas at the town council’s Events Working Group.

You can find out more about Love Exploring at the website:


Dinosaur Safari on Love Exploring

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