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The Big Butterfly Count 2021 takes place from Friday 16 July until Sunday 8 August. People from East Yorkshire and Holderness have been taking part in the annual survey since it started in 2010. Many people choose to do this as a family outing.

The count involves people downloading a butterfly identification chart and spending 15 minutes in a garden, park or on a walk, and counting the butterflies they see. The results are then logged online. There is a free app to download which makes everything so much easier! Take your camera/mobile phone and try to get some pictures too!

The survey is organised annually by the charity Butterfly Conservation Trust.

Big Butterfly Count 2021 – Taking Nature’s Pulse!

Butterfly declines are an early warning for other wildlife losses. Butterflies are key biodiversity indicators for scientists as they react very quickly to changes in their environment. Therefore, if their numbers are falling, then nature is in trouble. So tracking numbers of butterflies is crucial in the fight to conserve our natural world. That’s why taking part in this massive citizen science enterprise is of great importance not just for our butterflies but for the wider environment and biodiversity in general.

About Big Butterfly Count

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