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Burglary advice from Neighbourhood Police

Burglary advice: Be vigilant when using cycling apps, and keep car keys out of sight

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SERGEANT CHRIS WHITEHEAD and PC Mark Whittle introduced themselves at the Hedon Town Council meeting last night (24 June 2021). The new members of the neighbourhood policing team were there to report on the latest crime figures affecting the local area including 5 cases of burglary.

Two important pieces of advice were given to local residents prompted by recent cases:

  1. Be vigilant when using cycling apps. It is believed that apps that share your cycling route have been used by criminals to identify addresses where valuable cycles are stored. The criminals note the starting and finishing points of your ride which quite often will be your home. These can be subsequently targetted by the criminals. The advice is to use the apps carefully and be aware of what information is shared.
  2. Keep car keys out of sight. Some burglaries had allowed criminals to get hold of car keys which had subsequently led to car theft. Keep your keys out of sight. If they can be spotted through a window, be sure that a criminal can spot them too!

You can find more information about the South West Holderness neighbourhood policing team and local priorities at the Humberside Police website. Visit: www.humberside.police.uk/teams/south-west-holderness.

For an analysis of reported crime figures for the South West Holderness area then visit Police.uk at: www.police.uk/pu/your-area/humberside-police/south-west-holderness/

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