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Thorngumbald Christmas Tree Lights Trail

Thorngumbald is organising its own Christmas Tree lights trail. As the church bell rings on Saturday, December 5 at 6pm, the trees across the village will be lit up!

With no formal public celebrations taking place this year residents in several areas are organising their own. After decorating their windows and gardens, the locations of these festive delights are being shared on trail maps! In Thorngumbald a major community initiative has resulted in the village bringing a real bit of Christmas spirit into the village by holding a Christmas Tree Trail.

Thorngumbald is organising its own Christmas Tree lights trail. Organised in a similar way to the summer scarecrow festival, residents are decorating trees in their gardens and a map will be produced showing the location of each. The trees across the village will be lit up at a big ‘switch on’ on Saturday, December 5 at 6pm. The Christmas Tree lights trail will cover the weekends up to Christmas although the Christmas trees will be on show throughout December for all to see. There will be a competitive element with awards for the best trees. Location maps will be sold at outlets across the village raising money for the Thorngumbald Preschool which is a registered charity.

Village sign made by Helen Turnbull.

“The Christmas Tree trail came from an idea to get folks out and about and to Light up Thorngumbald much the same as the Scarecrow trail does in the summer” explained Denise Hardy, from Thorngumbald Preschool and also a parish councillor in the village: “Sandy Bottoms who, organised the popular pumpkins patch festival in October, were going to do a Christmas trees pick at Christmas, much the same as the pumpkins, but unfortunately they were unable to do this due to the lockdown. They did, however, agree to supply trees to households in the village at a cost of £25 each.

“Marc Lanham has co-ordinated the trees and Janet Barron and myself have put together a list of people who are either decorating a tree or putting up a light display at their homes. This list will go on a map which we will sell for Thorngumbald Preschool funds.

“We currently have around 140 tree displays around the village, with entry open until 28th November. The big “switch on” will be at 6pm on Saturday 5th December and will run up to Christmas.

“We have set up a GoFundMe page for donations instead of having donation buckets around the village.”


We are Thorngumbald Preschool. We have decided to organise a Christmas Light Trail around our village. Due to Covid-19, we have missed out on our usual fund raising opportunities this year and are looking for help.

At our annual Scarecrow Trail we have donation buckets for generous folks to show their appreciation, but as this event is set to last around a month we thought that a gofundme page was more appropriate.

Please help us to raise funds for a good cause which will positively affect deserving young children in our community!

Carrie-Ann Bateman is organizing this fundraiser to benefit THORNGUMBALD PRE-SCHOOL. Visit here: https://gf.me/u/y929m3

St Mary’s Church will be handing out Christingle kits for the children from 4.30pm to 6.00pm on Saturday and will be playing piped festive music. The church bell will ring out at 6pm on Saturday 5 December which is the signal to flood the village with light.

# Stay safe
# maintain your distance and wear a mask
# have fun
# Merry Christmas!

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