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Hedon History Walks – Sunday 17th January 2016

A Hedon man has had a marvellous idea to organise tours of the town’s history sites and sights on a regular basis including taking in perhaps the more neglected parts of the town’s history like the Hedon Haven…

HISTORY WALKS around Hedon have always proved popular with both residents and visitors to the town – albeit they are only organised occasionally. Now a Hedon man has had a marvellous idea to organise tours of the town’s history sites and sights, hopefully, on a more regular basis.

Hedon man Tony Porter is organising two history walks around Hedon to show points of interest and to pass on some of the history of the town – and if successful he hopes this can become a monthly event.

Tony said: “My plan is to have test walks on Sunday 17th January 2016 to see what the reaction is. If I think it is viable then I will have leaflets printed and go into a more geared up publicity campaign.”

Hedon Navigation Trust sign
Lots of history associated with Hedon Haven – will be covered on walk

“All the walks I have been on around Hedon have never included the Fleet or Haven. This would be impossible to do in a two-hour walk with all the other history there is in the centre of town. I am therefore leading two walks, one meeting at Johnson’s Corner car park at 10:30am on Sunday morning that will be a longer walk, around 2 miles and take in the town south of Fletcher Gate which includes the Fleet and the Haven. Much of this route could be muddy in periods of wet weather but some alternative routes to avoid this are possible.

“At 2pm there will be another walk starting at the Market Hill car park that takes in the main part of the town. This walk is 1.25 miles long and is all on pavements.

“Each walk will be approximately 2 hours in duration. The cost will be £4 per adult per walk and £2 for children.

“My hope that is by people understanding more about how and why Hedon came in to being, and knowing some stories about the folk that lived here previously, it will give them more of a connection to the Town and so hopefully identify with it, and who knows maybe frequent the shops more, and join societies in the Town

“If I can make these regular events I hope that having the two walks on the same day will bring folk from outside for the whole day into Hedon and this will bring revenue to the shops, pubs and cafes.”

Tony has created a website to promote the initiative which he says will be developed further if the initiative takes off. He can be contacted at hedonhistorywalks@gmail.com for those who want further information.

Those details again:

Hedon History Walks – Sunday 17th January 2016:

  • 10.30am – Meet Johnson’s Corner Car Park – To walk the Fleet and Haven (wear suitable clothing and foot wear)
  • 2:00pm – Meet Market Hill Car Park – To walk Hedon centre
  • £4 per adult per walk and £2 for children.


11 thoughts on “Hedon History Walks – Sunday 17th January 2016

  1. I wish I was there to enjoy it! I have recently been Fascinated with Hedon as I have found that a great deal of my relatives were born and lived there. I’m wondering if there is a house on your tour that belonged to Robert Renardson. He would have acquired it in 1840 and kept if for 3 generations. It is on Churchgate and is 3 stories. It has some very unique features, but I cannot seem to find a photo of it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Most Sincerely,
    Maria McKolskey

  2. Since you will be outside our place (Haven Arms Hedon) we will offer £1 off a sunday 5 roast carvery to anyone participating in the walks (£7.95) anytime between 12 noon and 7pm..and dogs are welcome in the public bar! I only wish i could join the walk but will be working 🙁

    1. Hi Mark, That is very generous of you. If this weekend is successful and I run them regularly I shall be coming to see you! Hopefully you will be able to come on a walk one day.

  3. Please can you let me know if these walks are suitable for all capabilities, as I have a friend who is only able to walk slowly but can walk a fair distance. Also, do you pay on the day.

    1. Hi Ann, It is difficult to say with out knowing how slowly your friend walks. If it is very slow then it will mean a two hour walk will stretch a lot and others may not be very happy. The first walk is over rougher ground and a longer distance so I would suggest the second walk around the Town would be more suitable. Less walking and more stops to catch up. The idea is just to turn up and pay at the start of the walk. I hope that you and your friend manage to make at least one of the walks.
      Tony Porter.

  4. Be interested to take part, we produced several walks along with literature many years ago for our Local History walks from South Holderness. Can you do another time but Sunday mornings, I’ll be at church.

    1. This weekends walks will be on Sunday but I will reassess if there is a demand for other days. I also intend to offer walks for booked groups which of course would be at a time to please them.

  5. Can (well behaved) dogs come too?

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