Clocks back 1 hour at 2am on Sunday 25th October 2015

REMINDER: At 2am on Sunday 25th October 2015 the CLOCKS GO BACK 1 HOUR…

A pigeon clock watcher
REMINDER: The clocks go back 1 hour on the last Sunday in October.

At 2am on Sunday 25th October 2015 British Summer Time (BST) will end, the clocks go back to 1am and we will then be in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). 

It will be lighter in the mornings but the evenings will get darker earlier.

Most people will put their clocks back an hour before they go to bed, but some wait until they get up on Sunday morning. Last year Mrs Bloggy put the clocks back before she went to bed; not knowing this, I got up in the morning and put them back a further hour!

Any other readers got funny or annoying experiences with ‘springing forward’ or ‘falling back’?

Remember: “Spring forward (March), Fall back (October)”

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