“Thank You” to Sergeant of the Mace

Dave Young and John DennisHEDON Town Council honoured its retiring Mace Bearer Dave Young last night at Hedon Town Hall. The Hedon Mayor John Dennis presented Dave with a souvenir photograph depicting one of his more jolly moments in assisting the Hedon Mayor carrying out his ceremonial duties. Dave has carried out this historic civic role for 14 years.

Dave reciprocated the honour to him with a presentation of his own by donating a silver mustard pot which will take pride of place amongst Hedon’s unique civic silver collection.

Congratulations on your retirement Dave – a true ambassador of everything positive about Hedon.

Election 2015

Steve Gallant – Labour Party Candidate, South West Holderness Ward 2015

Steve Gallant is a Labour Party Candidate for South West Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Election 2015.

3 thoughts on ““Thank You” to Sergeant of the Mace

  1. Dave deserves all the plaudits. He has served the town and its succession of Mayor’s in a dignified, yet authoritative way, ensuring that the Hedon Mayor’s status, as the ‘Senior Town Mayor of Yorkshire’ is acknowledged far and wide.
    Many a time he has brought that fact to the attention of town clerks and parade organisers across the county, As far as Dave is concerned, Hedon’s Mayors do not parade ‘in alphabetical order’ – they are at the front!
    Enjoy your retirement Dave. All the best, and thanks for all your support

    John and Jennifer Dennis
    668th Mayor and Mayoress of Hedon

  2. I hope Mr Young enjoys his retirement as Hedon’s Mace Bearer. He certainly cut a dashing figure in his robes and hat. He always lent an air of strength, honour and authority to his office and did Hedon proud. Thank you. You leave big shoes for your successor to fill!

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