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Gritting map of Hedon

THE GRITTING of main roads by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been taking place to offset the impacts of the current icy road conditions. In Hedon and Preston this…

Councillor Mathews, gritters and snow-blowers
East Riding Council’s Chris Matthews the cabinet portfolio holder for infrastructure, highways and emergency planning with some of the council’s fleet of gritters and snow blowers

gritter snow plough HedonTHE GRITTING of main roads by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been taking place to offset the impacts of the current icy road conditions. In Hedon and Preston this takes place in a pre-determined order of priority as shown on the map below.

The red routes are the East Riding Council’s ‘defined network’ and in the first instance these are routinely treated in order to keep these roads open. Red routes should also include the main roads into/from Paull. The green routes will be treat as a precautionary measure normally when ice is forecast to be present after noon on each day.

Hedon and Preston Salting Map

Local ward councillors Mike Bryan and John Dennis have today issued advice (published on HU12 Online) to residents during the current snowy weather in which reference is made to local footpaths being gritted/salted in Hedon by Hedon Town Council in addition to the work done by the East Riding:

“Hedon Town Council additionally invested in a small gritting machine, but it is very heavy, hard work to handle, and only up to dealing with some of the central area footpaths. It is used if things get really bad, to supplement the East Riding’s efforts. Also, there are salt-bins to be found in many situations where roads are not treated, and motorists can access these for local use.”

In its severe weather plan triggered by prolonged disruptive snow conditions which could increase significantly the risk of injury, Hedon Town Council has identified primary areas for footpath salting. Priority will be given to clearing primary route footpaths on:-

St Augustines Gate
Market Place
Church Gate
Stockwell Lane
Market Hill (outside Doctor’s Surgeries)
Town Centre Car Parks

Should conditions be considered extreme consideration will be given to employing contractor(s) to clear minor roads not treated by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Whilst the town is not facing any severe disruption at the present time, it must be reassuring to residents to know that the Town Council has contingencies in place.

See Winter Services for more East Riding Council information.

3 thoughts on “Gritting map of Hedon

  1. It’s crazy that Leaf Sail Farm is the only part of Hedon that doesn’t get gritted. The bend between Thorn Road and Sacred Gate was absolutely treacherous this morning, most cars were finding it hard not to lose any control. The council need to put a grit bin on this bend.

    1. I’ll ask the questions Aly.

      1) Can Cleeve Road be included as one of the Green Routes?

      2) Can they put a grit bin at the entrance to the estate?

      John Dennis.
      ERYC Ward Wember for S.W.Holderness

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