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Raise issues with your Town Council – October 2014

Hedon Town Council Public Participation Meeting, 7.00 pm on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at the Town Hall, Hedon. All welcome…

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Hedon Town Council

Public Participation Meeting

7.00 pm

Thursday 23rd October 2014

At the Town Hall, Hedon



Anyone living within the Town of Hedon
who wishes to attend may raise any issue of interest
or concern with regard to matters in Hedon

J. M. Richardson (Mrs.)
Town Clerk

October 2014
Town Hall
East Yorkshire
HU12 8EX

Tel: 01482 898428
e.mail: townclerk@hedon.gov.uk

Hedon Town Hall - built in  1692 - Council meets in the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs. Just walk in!
Hedon Town Hall – Council meets in the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs. Just walk in on the meeting night!

4 thoughts on “Raise issues with your Town Council – October 2014

  1. I pointed out to the council that minutes of meetings are only available on the council website, therefore if you don’t have access to the internet you will never know what the council are doing.

    I ask that they place the minutes in the council notice board so residents have a chance to see them, they said they used to make the minutes available in the library, I wonder why did this stop happening?

    However they did say that this would be put on an agenda, lets hope they are open and do put a copy of minutes of meetings in their notice board for the public to read.

  2. Hi Jim, Couldn’t agree more ! (I couldn’t make last Thursday but would usually be there). Earlier this year the council were asking for questions in writing a week upfront. At least that has been dropped. Indeed this open forum meeting seemed to be announced only the week before.
    And I didn’t know the Police Cuts were going to be discussed, which would have been interesting to hear first hand.
    Come next May, the Town Council election falls on the same day as the General Election, so with a much bigger turnout we might get some change on the Council too !

  3. Fully agree with you Jim ,But there is no point in me attending, as with the present hearing assistance device installed in the Council Chamber I cannot hear a Blasted Thing,

    Mind You, I will not wear the device provided, as in my opinion it is not fit for purpose, and may even be classed as unsanitary. It also highlights the wearers Disability.
    For Hedon residents who are unaware of the System employed, it necessitates the afflicted to wear a Neck Loop, something akin to a Horse Collar.

    I have it on record that The Hedon Town Council insist that the device complies with the necessary legislation, That Still doesn’t make it adequate in my opinion.
    One Councillor has tried again and again to have the system upgraded,
    efforts which are ongoing, and for which I appreciate very much.

    When it was announced recently on this Blog that Hedon Town Council was now on “Twitter” I thought for a minute that we were getting “with It” at last, but
    until a top of the range LOOP SYSTEM is fitted in the Council Chamber I doubt that I shall be bothered to attend any Council Meetings to find out!.

    These are the people who are considering carrying out modifications to The Town Hall with a view to applying for a Civil Marriage Licence ,Can you honestly see Mrs Forbes Browne,Who has spent £500 or so on a wedding ensemble ,taking her big new Hat Orf to have a Horse Collar placed over her head cause she’s hard of hearing, NO, Neither Can I.
    Regards Jim Uney.

  4. A public participation meeting were the residents of Hedon can ask questions of the councillors and put their decisions under scrutiny, unfortunately only two of us attended. We should do better than that.
    So is the council so good that everyone is happy with their performance, or is it the council don’t advertise the meeting enough, or is it just total apathy from the people of Hedon. I do hope residents take more interest at election time in May next year. Or will we still have the same councillors attending in some cases, their own private club.

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