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Welwick HomeWorx Art Exhibition at Museum

Jenny Wheelwright, Alison Hailwood, Gerard Hailwood, Olga Scott, Brian Scott, Larry Malkin
HomeWorx group members: Jenny Wheelwright, Alison Hailwood, Gerard Hailwood, Olga Scott, Brian Scott, Larry Malkin (also displaying at the exhibition, but not pictured, is Stephen Fletcher)

BRIGHT VIBRANT colours hit you instantly as you first catch sight of the artwork on display at Hedon Museum. The second floor exhibition room is hosting the 4th Annual Display of the Welwick-based HomeWorx Art Group – and really it could be subtitled ‘an explosion of colour’ because of the sensory impact of certain pieces that instantly draw the eye. But perhaps that might be an unfair title in that it doesn’t credit the wonderful pencil sketched piece on display, although it would definitely describe the fabric collage that provides the centre piece of the main wall of the exhibition.

Acrylic and watercolour paintings are the mainstay of the exhibition, although one of the artists from the group, Gerard Hailwood, explains that they encourage members to explore all mediums. “Members have created pieces from clay, ceramics and a whole host of other materials too. The Group, which meets every Monday evening at Welwick Parish Hall, holds ‘taster sessions’ where those interested can come in and ‘have a go’ at the different art forms.” Gerard explains that all of the members displaying work at the exhibition were ‘beginners’ 4-years ago.

Several of the pieces of artwork on display are being offered for sale. And while the buzz of selling a piece of work must be a magnificent feeling for the artist, Gerard explains that sales are motivated by more practical reasons: “It can be an expensive hobby when you consider the costs of brushes, paints, canvasses and frames. If people buy your work it helps you to recoup some of your expenditure.”

While selling your work may be satisfying, it is clear that the artists are inspired by the urge to be creative: “I like to throw the paint on the canvas, move it around and see what happens” says Gerard, he’s actually explaining the difference between using acrylics and watercolour paints. Apparently working in watercolour requires much more preparation and pre-planning of your painting, while Gerard a more ardent fan of acrylics likes its spontaneity.

Larry Malkin from the group tells me that members currently come from Welwick village and the nearby hamlet of Weeton. And while the group is seeking new members from the wider area, there is an artistic vision being developed for that local area. Larry says that the HomeWorx group were the driving force behind the Gunpowder Plotters statues and he would like to see a local trail established of sculptures each created by local artists, using local people in their production. The trail would commemorate local legends including links with the Venerable Mary Ward, and also commemorating the victims and perpetrators of the Sunk Island riot!

It would seem to be an exciting time to join this ambitious and enthusiastic group of artists. They meet 7pm, every Monday at Welwick Parish Hall.

Catch the exhibition at Hedon Museum on every Wednesday and Saturday, 10am – 4pm until 23rd July 2014. Free entry. Refreshments available.

This photograph is presented in response to a challenge by Gerard, to come up with a photo that was a little bit different! I think this puts the artists in the picture!

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