Saltend Major Emergency Advice Booklet

THE TOXIC ALARM at Saltend Chemicals Park will sound unexpectedly on Wednesday morning 18th June 2014 – this is part of a test of the system and procedures at the site.

The test coincides with the re-publication of the Major Emergency Advice Booklet which covers the essential information that local residents need to know should an emergency situation ever arise at the Saltend Chemicals Park.

The version here is the 2010 edition, but the new re-issued version is expected to contain the same basic advice – in the event of an incident at the site and the siren sounds, then you should GO IN, STAY IN, TUNE IN.

You should get indoors, you should stay indoors, and you should tune in to your local radio station i.e. BBC Radio Humberside. I spoke to Radio Humberside presenter Andy Comfort yesterday who confirmed that the radio station has procedures in place for programmes to be interrupted with special announcements should there ever be an incident at Saltend.

Despite the warnings about the Toxic Alarm Test on Wednesday morning, there are always a handful of residents each year during the testing who are taken unaware – but in this year’s test the Hedon Blog is urging all residents to consider themselves ‘unaware’; what is your situation when you hear the alarm?

When the Alarm Test occurs, imagine if it was real:

  • Where are you?
  • Where would you go to get indoors?
  • Do you know how to tune in to BBC Radio Humberside or other local stations?
  • If the incident was real with toxic clouds, pollution, or worse occurring – how prepared are you and your household or family to respond (perhaps to evacuate)?

Let us know after the test on Wednesday morning your experience and thoughts about this. No matter how unlikely an incident affecting the public is at Saltend, it can do us no wrong to consider preparations.

The Major Emergency Advice Booklet PDF (2010) is available to download (kindly provided in e-format by Andy Carter-Fea at BP) and has also been re-produced for easy-reading on Scribd at the link: Emergency Advice Booklet.

Note: This article is a Hedon Blog initiative only and is not in anyway formally connected to the test of systems at the Saltend Chemicals Park.


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