Election leaflet campaign – Terry West UKIP

Terry WestELECTION candidates have been busy delivering campaign leaflets for the Hedon Town Council election on Thursday 6th February.

Terry West says on his leaflet that people will know where he stands on national and local issues as a result of standing for UKIP. A national UKIP leaflet circulated with the candidate’s local leaflet declared that the party was “fighting against; Labour immigration failure, Tory over-development, Liberal sell-out to the EU and against Green energy price hikes.”

On local issues, Terry West says he will work hard to (Hedon Blog summary follows):

  • protect the green areas left in Hedon from any further building developments (he mentions Ivy Lane, Station Lane and Magdalen Lane);
  • retain free-of-charge short stay car parking;
  • support a local shuttle bus service within the Hedon boundary to help with parking problems;
  • make full use of the Hedon town council building and Alexandra Hall, and where possible promote these as paying venues to help with the council budget;
  • promote the re-opening of the Hedon Haven
  • improve road safety in Hedon.

The leaflet has been scanned and reproduced below.

The Hedon Blog aims to bring you news from the campaign at BY-ELECTION Thursday 6th February 2014.

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9 thoughts on “Election leaflet campaign – Terry West UKIP

  1. Just for information,Neil has just had a major operation and is about to undergo further treatment, I am sure he has enough to deal with at this moment in time.
    Sue and I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery and we thank him for all his support.

  2. The hall was paid for by the people, and the running of it has needed looking at for years …the kids from south holderness school also paid for the swimming pool which the ERYC recently gave to a private company ….these places belong to the people …lets hope the hall can be retained and better use given to the people who paid to build it

    1. They always need people to join the committee Neil if you are interested contact Mrs Val Wigglesworth. The commitee is ran by members of the public and members of the existing community groups that use the hall. A member of the council sits on the commitee – currently Councillor B Goldspink.

      1. John P. Dennis Chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Ward Member for S. W. Holderness, Hedon Councillor. – Hedon, East Yorkshire, UK
        John Dennis says:

        Great idea Sarah. Reading his many and varied blog comments Neil obviously has the interests of the community close to his heart. Maybe he could take that next step and actually contribute something positive to the town, and offering to join the Alexandra Hall committee might be a great place to start. I’m sure the existing committee would welcome him with open arms!

        1. I tried to get involved with the Alexander hall a few years ago, I was looking at running a youth club a couple of nights a week, i explained to the member of the committee i was dealing with that there is less available for our teens on a night in Hedon than when i was a kid and i would like to create a proper youth club with djs music and stuff that may appeal to our youth, The words that i was met with were….we don’t have youths , they cause too much damage. When i reminded the member that as a youth i had contributed to the building of the hall in the hope the kids of Hedon would have some facilities to use the member left.
          If this is the attitude of said committee i feel as a single contributor my thoughts and opinions would be lost and i would be wasting my time, this is the reason ive also not stood for council during this by-election, without a full election i and many others feel its a pointless exercise .

  3. Why does a UKIP candidate need to stand for Hedon Town Council?
    Does Hedon Town Council deal with:
    Immigration? – No
    Selling out to the EU? – No
    Charging green taxes? – No
    So why send out election literature stating this?

    I suppose all the candidates will be working hard for Hedon but UKIP and it’s members frighten me, only this week a UKIP councillor in Oxfordshire blamed the latest floods of gay marriage, what sort of right minded person would think of that?

    I hope people turn out to vote and vote for people that will do good and not for ones that are backed by a party that promotes hatred and fear.

    1. Didnt you say on another post you thought all candidates should be members of a party ?.. ukip have as much right as anyone to put forward a candidate , all parties have members who let the side down , look at the recent liberal dems crisis to name one , Terry is a well known local person and its a bit strong to suggest hes creating hate and fear ….ive been more scared watching a pantomine…no pun intended hedon town council.

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