Pigeon homing racingAFTER OVER 50 YEARS of flying pigeons from the town Elimar Pigeon Services reported that the Hedon Flying Club closed down at the end of November 2013, with a final event and meal at the Haven Arms.

In recent years the club has suffered from a loss of members due to falling numbers as people retire. With no younger people coming into the sport, Elimar gloomily refers to this as “the usual trend” which has seen the once popular mass sport decline over the last two decades.

The remaining members of the former Hedon Flyers will move to the Patrington Haven Leisure Park for their pigeon activities.

The end of an era! However, if you are interested in getting into the sport as an enjoyable pastime, the Royal Pigeon Racing Association includes an essential Beginners Guide on its website.

Visit: www.rpra.org/about-rpra/getting-started/a-beginners-guide/

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