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Hedon Town Council meeting – Thursday 28th November 2013

Hedon Town Hall - built in  1692 - Council meets in the the Chamber through the doors and up the stairs
Hedon Town Hall

HEDON TOWN COUNCIL meets on the evening of Thursday 28th November 2013 at the Town Hall.

In fact there are three meetings taking place that evening;

  1. the Planning Committee at 7:15pm prompt start which deals with planning applications,
  2. upon the completion of the planning meeting, the Finance & General Purposes Committee will take place, which as well as reporting on accounts will discuss the ongoing thorny issue of parking in the town, a report from a meeting with the Hedon Market Manager and issues relating the Christmas Lights Switch-on.
  3. A third meeting, of the full Hedon Town Council, will take place at the rising of the previous one and has agenda items relating to the resignation of two councillors, and the election of a new Chairman.

Whilst all meetings are open to the public, it has to be made clear that they are not public forum meetings; the public do not have the right to speak (except the Chair may allow discussion on planning applications at the Planning Committee meeting; one speaker for, and one against).

On rare occasions the meetings have been adjourned i.e. closed to allow for a valuable public comment, but this is at the discretion of the Chair and councillors present. Sometimes when sensitive or private, personnel (staff) or financial information is under discussion, the press and public can be asked to leave and things are discussed privately or in camera (latin for ‘in the chamber’).

6 thoughts on “Hedon Town Council meeting – Thursday 28th November 2013

  1. Thank you for establishing procedure ray , I will therefore withdraw my request for a public show at council chamber until the right occasion, I want to assure councillors this is not a personal vendetta , I know some of them personally and even consider some as friends, im looking for democracy . I hope I have made a case for an election to restore confidence in the council and get rid of the bad taste in everyones mouth once and for all, democracy will not be served until the people have had there say. I have made my case on why I think a by election for the two seats vacated is not enough on the other thread. I would like a full election maybe then our mayor and Anne Suggit may also consider re standing.

  2. Thanks for this Ray. It’s particularly sad that the “debate” seems to consist of he said/she said personal recriminations, not anything to do with policy or the best interests of Hedon’s citizens.
    A byelection will be good to put some fresh blood into the council.
    But when I got the signatures together to force one back in April, the turnout was less than 500 between the two of us. So next time i hope a lot more people will vote if they a re given the chance

      1. Sorry ile type that again im working on my pad and I just cant type, good to see you getting involved again Steve, will you be standing at said by election? Not sure either of us have spelt that right.

        1. Hi Neil, I will certainly be offering myself for election once the East Ridng announce a timetable. I gather we may be waiting until late January before a vote ( if it is contested by 3 or more candidates )

  3. There has been a call made for people wanting a full election of all councillors to attend the meeting on Thursday:

    On this Blog Neil Shillito said: “There is a public meeting on thursday at the town hall can I ask all people who want a full election were all councillors stand down to attend, we can then make our demands direct to those councillors concerned.” While this is a legitimate call for action by Mr Shillito – and the mere presence of people at the meeting may serve to support his point of view – this is not a public forum and people will not be able to debate issues in full.

    The items on the resignation will come at the full council meeting towards the end of the evening. The Planning Committee starts at 7:15pm, but the nature of the business conducted means that it is not possible to determine when the subsequent meetings will start, hence the agendas state that they take place at the rising of the previous meeting. This is the normal procedure at Hedon Town Council.

    In short, this is not the meeting where there will be an opportunity “to make demands” to the council as Neil Shillito suggests. Additionally, the responsibility for conducting elections lies, not with Hedon Town Council, but with the East Riding Council.

    Whilst not withstanding the fact that lots of people have strong views on the matter of the resignations, there is currently a very bad atmosphere in the town created as a result of the resignations with recriminations and accusations being fired in public.

    A significant ‘anti-council’ resentment has surfaced which has personally impacted upon those existing councillors going about their normal daily lives – with such high feelings, and with emotions running high, the likelihood of a reasoned debate, in my opinion, seems unlikely.

    The claims of a ‘vendetta’ have now been compounded by counter-claims of ‘victimisation’. It is a sad and unpleasant state of affairs.

    I feel that people on all sides of this debate need to calm down. It is almost certain now that enough people have claimed an election for the two vacant seats – the job now is for candidates who feel they can offer something positive for the town to stand forward and identify themselves and their ideas.

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