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Wednesday Writings – Agnus Dei

The handsome elm tree stood for year on year, Until the deadly infestation years ago…

Agnus Dei by Peter Ainscough

Elm tree Peter Ainscough

The handsome elm tree stood for year on year
Until the deadly infestation years ago
Swept the country; the elms all died I fear
Conquered by this dutch disease as though
The black death swept the world to kill all men –
Though now ‘twas trees edging the field or fen.

For nine long centuries the Priory stood;
Two centuries the elm tree marked the gate,
But now a lonely stump of hardened wood:
No leaves. no twigs, all it can do is wait
Until the cruel chain saw chops it down,
To leave a weeping scar where it had grown.

But wait, a different fate awaits this tree;
To mark nine hundred years a sculptor carves
The Lamb of God, for everyman to see
And bless this sacred art beneath the stars.
We stand and watch as wood is chipped from wood
Admiring so much skill and so much good.

The tree has found new purpose and new life.
It blesses all who visit here and gaze
On this bare wood, which carries not a leaf
And yet has found a way to live more days.
The echo of the resurrection is not lost
On those who stand and look on sculptural art.
As Christ arose so does this tree now rest
And show the wondrous power of God’s heart.

Thank you to Peter for this poem and photograph on spiritual recycling!

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