Hedgehog on Drapers Lane
Hedgehog on Drapers Lane

YORKSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST have been involved in a study that has concluded that 60% of UK species are in decline.

In the East Riding of Yorkshire experts are particularly concerned about the state of nature in farmland areas like Holderness. According to the State of Nature report, out of the 1,064 farmland species for which there is information, 60% of them have declined.

“Insects, such as moths, butterflies and beetles are disappearing. Other once common species like the lesser spotted woodpecker, garden tiger moth and hedgehog are vanishing before our eyes.” – State of Nature report

But is that reflected locally in our wildlife in and around Hedon? We have had local evidence or sightings of otter, voles, kingfisher and great crested newts in recent months; some animals like deer, foxes and wood pigeon seem to be more numerous than previous years.

So what really is the state of our local nature? The Hedon Blog is keen to hear your reports of animals and birds sighted in the local area – in your experience which are in decline and which are booming?

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