Hedon Methodist Church, Church Lane, Hedon

Saturday 13th April 2013

4:00pm – 7:00pm 

Tickets £3 can be bought at the door and includes a Pie & Peas Supper!

BeetleA BEETLE DRIVE is a very traditional party game that involves teams throwing a dice – and drawing (or building or otherwise creating) a beetle in parts, dependent on what number turns up.

“This author hasn’t played the Beetle game since being very small, but I seem to remember you had to throw a six to draw the body of the beetle – you then had to throw a different number for a leg (six of them), but you couldn’t add the feelers or eyes until you had a head first!”

It would be interesting to see how many people remember the game – and if they still play – and what rules you played by.

Of course you could always find out by attending Saturday’s Beetle drive at the Hedon Methodist Church.

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