Pond restoration begins in earnest!

WORK BEGAN in earnest this morning (4th March 2013) to return permanent water to Hedon’s Horsewell Pond.

WORK BEGAN in earnest this morning (4th March 2013) to return permanent water to Hedon’s Horsewell Pond.

The work undertaken by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust involved a mechanical digger moving onto the site and digging the trench that will provide the base for the filter system for the pond. The trench is in two parts each will contain filtration stones and sands; water will be filtered in the first part and naturally flow into the second filtration area before flowing into the pond itself. The process will ensure that the pond remains clear and clean as possible.

Jon Trail from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust explained that further work will take place on the site, perhaps as late as May, to construct a swale: “The artificial swale will carry natural water run-off from Market Hill. It will be constructed at a later stage once the filter system has embedded and is populated with the plants that aid the filtration process.”

Hedon Mayor and Mayoress Sue and Jim Lindop along with Deputy Mayor John Dennis, were there to see the work get under-way and give their civic support to the scheme. Mayoress Sue Lindop said: “It’s really exciting to see things get going at last!”

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has been funded by LEADER Coast, Wolds, Wetlands and Waterways to help with such parish pond projects. It aims to encourage communities to become more aware of their wetland heritage and increase appreciation of the landscape.

The Hedon Blog has charted the progress of this project see: Horsewell Pond updates

4 thoughts on “Pond restoration begins in earnest!

  1. Cllr Jim Lindop told us:

    Coir mats with plants in will be installed on the gravel. The plant roots will then grow through into the gravel/stone and the roots will then filter any contaminants that may be in any water flowing towards the pond.

  2. The construction of the natural filters and the swale is funded by Hedon Town Council, then YWT will spray to remove the nettles surrounding the pond, the person who does this has to have a licence, when the nettles have died off, grass and wildflower seeds will be sown.

  3. We have been sent this by Mr Grahame Tranmer and post here for the information of residents who we hope can heed his request to be vigilant:

    Great to see the Horsewell pond restoration underway well done to all involved. However its not such good news for our other waterway the Burstwick drain.

    I was rang by a friend on Saturday a.m. regarding dead fish in the water I walked to my allotment to inspect and sadly there where lots of roach, rudd, bream and other species dead on the top. I reported the matter to the environment agency who promptly sent someone out to investigate .

    I met them later on the old railway bridge where they were collecting further samples. The quality of the water seemed to be getting worse and smelled of pig slurry the further east I travelled .

    However it looked better at Burstwick. I spoke to an environment agency officer again yesterday and he promised me further feedback . At this stage obviously its difficult to say what has caused this latest catastrophe but one theory is the illegal dumping of pig slurry .

    I wondered if you could ask your readers to be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the environment agency who will gladly act (Report an Incident on 0800 80 70 60 – Editor) .

    I hope this latest incident does not detract too much from the general recovery this water has enjoyed over the last ten years or so and the main population of fish survive which at the last count had at thirteen species.

    We also enjoy the common sight of the kingfisher we unfortunately now have population of mink which I think have been to blame for the decline of the water vole. But to end on a better note I have spotted otter tracks and otters have been seen near saltend lets hope they stick around

    Thank you And Best Regards,

    Grahame Tranmer

    Visit: Environment Agency – Report an incident

  4. Thank you very much to Jim Lindop for this additional series of photos taken during today showing the progress with the filter beds! All in a day’s work!

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