PROPERTIES within the Hedon Conservation Area will soon receive a letter from Hedon Town Council appealing for support from residents and business owners to help preserve the town’s unique character and appearance.

Painter Cottages built 1562 - some of Hedon's oldest surviving buildings. Unusual in that they are single storey.
Painter Cottages built 1562 – some of Hedon’s oldest surviving buildings. Unusual in that they are single storey buildings in a predominantly two storey town.

The Council says that it is “extremely proud and protective of its fine streets, and beautiful buildings, many of which are of such distinction that the whole of the town centre is formally designated a Conservation Area.”

Most of the buildings within the Conservation Area are ‘listed’. English Heritage describe ‘listing’ as “something that helps us acknowledge and understand our shared history. It marks and celebrates a building’s special architectural and historic interest, and also brings it under the consideration of the planning system so that some thought will be taken about its future.”

The Council is appealing especially to the property owners of unlisted building within the Conservation Area; it hopes that they too regard themselves as though they are listed.

Hedon was designated a Conservation Area in 1969, but an appraisal conducted in 2006 (PDF file) indicated that “householder improvements” in some buildings had led to a loss of unity of design and charm. This is a trend that has continued and in its letter the Council points out that in the “past few years a number of unlisted buildings have been altered somewhat unsympathetically to the style and character of neighbouring properties.” 

The Town Hall was built in 1693.
Hedon Town Hall was built in 1693.

The Council believes that protecting and enhancing the heritage of old Hedon will also contribute to the future viability of the town’s retail centre, encouraging more visitors to shop here too.

The Council is available to advise property owners on using traditional materials when considering alterations: “We would urge you to contact us and arrange to have a discussion before appointing contractors. Of course we are aware that there may be cost implications arising from the use of traditional materials, but the benefits to the area as a whole will be priceless.” 

The letter is expected to be circulated widely soon. It is hoped it will draw attention to the Conservation Area and its aims, and help generate greater civic pride in the town’s heritage.

Those wanting to discuss these issues in more detail with Hedon Town Council can contact the Town Hall between 9:00am and 3:00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Telephone: 01482 898428.


One thought on “Hedon Town Council: “Support us in preserving old Hedon”

  1. We can now reproduce the letter from Hedon Town Council in full:

    Dear Property Owner/Occupier
    Hedon Needs You!
    The Hedon Town Council is extremely proud and protective of its beautiful streets and buildings which make up our Conservation Area. We are writing to you and all property owners/occupiers in the town centre to share with you our long-term vision for Hedon and to encourage you to play your part in preserving the unique character of the town.
    Hedon’s ‘listed’ buildings have a protected status, which means that alterations are not permitted at all without Planning and Conservation Area Approval. This ensures that consistency and continuity of style, appearance and materials are maintained for the benefit of the town as a whole.
    However there are a few ‘unlisted’ buildings within the town centre which, technically, are not subject to the same rules and have certain permitted development rights. The Town Council hopes to encourage owners of such buildings to regard them as though they are listed and to consider carefully the important part they play in the Conservation Area. In recent years a number of these unlisted buildings have been altered without regard to the style and character of neighbouring properties and the use of non-traditional materials such as UPVC is apparent. Such alterations are felt to diminish the historic status of the town centre and we are keen to prevent further such occurrences. Indeed, if possible, we would love to see those buildings reinstated to their original form although we acknowledge this might be a vain hope!
    * Outside of Beverley, Hedon has the most listed buildings in the whole of East Yorkshire and as such is regarded as one of the County’s finest market towns.
    * It is in everyone’s interest to ensure the future viability of our retail centre and by protecting and enhancing our heritage we can hopefully encourage residents to continue to support local businesses and indeed attract more visitors to come and shop here too.

    * Should you be considering alterations to your building such as the renewal of doors, windows, shop fronts, hanging signs or fascias, we would urge you to contact us and arrange to have a discussion before appointing contractors. The future benefits to the area as a whole will be priceless
    * If you are not sure whether or not your building has listed status or you are concerned as to the possible implications of your plans, help and guidance can be obtained from this Council or from the East Riding’s Conservation Officers at County Hall, Beverley.
    * Can we rely on your support in our endeavour to protect and preserve the unique character of Hedon?
    Thank you for reading this letter. Should you wish to discuss any of the above issues with us, the Town Hall is open between 9.00am and 3.00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Why not browse our website where much more information is available.
    Assuring you of our passion for Hedon,
    Yours faithfully

    April 2013

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