A PLANNING NOTICE from the East Riding Council has notified residents that they can view or comment on a Local Development Order (LDO) that aims to grant blanket outline planning permission for renewable energy and low-carbon industry developments on agricultural land between Saltend and Paull.

Paull LDO site boundary
Paull LDO site boundary

The 80 hectares of land under consideration in Paull parish has already been earmarked as the Paull Enterprise site of the Humber Enterprise Zone. The land will be used to support and encourage developments related to the renewable energies industry. The LDO will simplify the planning controls for the site and make it easier for permitted developments to take place by granting outline planning permission.

The LDO will make it easier to get outline planning permission on the Paull Enterprise site for buildings and structures associated with renewable energy industries.

Further information on the LDO is available on the East Riding Council’s Public Access Planning website tick the disclaimer box at the bottom of the page and search for application 12/04951/LDOC.

The LDO documents can be viewed at the council’s Customer Service Centre in Hedon.

The LDO will be discussed by Hedon Town Council at its Planning Committee meeting on Thursday 10th January 2013, 7:15pm at the Town Hall.

Those wishing to comment or make representations on the LDO must do so by Monday 21st January 2013.

This is an extract from an article on HU12 Online.

One thought on “Notice: Renewable energies plan – between Saltend and Paull

  1. As Chair of Planning Committee on Hedon Town Council I was given the documents to read, in preparation for providing a verbal report to Committee this Thursday. The pile of papers is 4 or 5 inches thick!

    Bloggers are welcome to attend the meeting if they wish (as always) and if you’re too busy to get into the detail online, you might find that useful.
    Meeting starts 7.15 pm

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