New dawnTHE STATISTICS on the Hedon Blog show the following articles were most popularly viewed during 2012 – our Top Ten:

  1. View local Planning Applications (a link to the East Riding Website). Amazingly this article was written in 2009 but still got 1,366 views this year!
  2. Hedon’s Late Night and Hull’s Midnight Pharmacies. Again this article was written in 2009! Gaining 1,110 views in 2012.
  3. A current story is at number three: New Care Home Development at Magdalen Lane with 816 views since written in August 2012.
  4. Lambert House – Hedon History is consistently popular on the Blog. We believe that BP show this page written in July 2010 to new staff members during their induction sessions at Lambert House which accounts for its continuing presence on our top ten list every year. 719 views.
  5. An article promoting Hedon Christmas Lights 2012 is next with 682 views.
  6. Interesting facts about Yorkshire Day was written in July 2010 and has been visited regularly in the run up to Yorkshire Day each year since then. 645 views.
  7. Particularly delightful is the fact that our new Wednesday Writings Column is proving popular with 624 page views since its launch in March 2012.
  8. This article helped people check out the details of Haven Arms popular fireworks night: Remember! Remember! Monday 5th of November 2012. 556 Views.
  9. Odd one this! As people searched for details of Santa’s Sleigh visits, they found this from 2011: Santa’s Sleigh in Hedon with 552 views rather than the 2012 article on the same subject! We amended the article and added the link to the 2012 one to avoid any confusion!
  10. At number ten we find the promotional article for the Hedon Jubilee Celebrations.
Christmas at Rings n Things
One of our popular photos from Christmas Lights night 2012

Our busiest day of the year was December 1st when 2,463 viewings were recorded on our Hedon Christmas Lights 2012 photographs. Our previous most busy day was in December 2010 when over 2,700 viewings were recorded on our pages carrying information about the Big Freeze of that year.

During the year we recorded over 132,600 page views. We wrote 520 new articles and published 890 images. Our most prolific commentator was Jim Lindop with 29 comments; to whom we also give special thanks for his regular reports from Hedon Town Council meetings which are included in our Council News category. Our next most regular commentator was Councillor John Dennis with 19 comments.

The Hedon Blog approaches its fourth birthday in February 2013. And while tough economic times are expected to impact on the work that the Blog does to report on local events, we hope and expect to be around in 2013 and build upon our association with the Holderness Gazette (see Hedon Blog and The Gazette).

ONCE AGAIN – THANK YOU to our loyal readers who keep us informed of what’s happening in and around Hedon – without whom we would not exist! We wish each and every one of you all the best in New Year 2013 🙂

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