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Merry Christmas – Follow the Blog as a gift to yourself!


angel_sparkleARE YOU READING the Hedon Blog for the first time? Perhaps on the internet on a new computer, tablet or smartphone that you got for Christmas?

If so then you can follow the Hedon Blog in various ways: You can become a friend on Facebook and quite often find out lots of other background information and news as well.

You can follow the Hedon Blogger on Twitter and in normal non-holiday circumstances can find out much more via the general chatter and banter on that micro-blogging service.

You can also choose to get a regular daily update by good old-fashioned e-mail.

However you choose to get regular dose of the Hedon Blog – then please do! It all goes to prove that people are interested in what goes on in Hedon and that they do care about the place they live in.

We would like to thank our regular correspondents for their contribution during the year and feel sure that they will continue to delight us in 2013:

  • Jim at Grumpy(who says he has “never been a Mayor and has never lived in Paull” to distinguish himself from other Jims who contribute to the Blog regularly) ,
  • Linda at CleaningLady55
  • and our newest correspondent on all matters from the Methodist Church, Kevin at HarrisonKJ.

And you can always help the Hedon Blog by becoming one of its regular writers… just drop us off an e-mail to hedonblog@gmx.com or leave a comment here for details – and tell us what local subjects you would like to write about most.

But most of all we would like to thank YOU for reading – over 131,000 page views in 2012! Thank you for sending in the news, without which the Blog would not exist – and thank you for posting your comments, rather directly on the blog, or by Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS 2012

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