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Manhole cover overflowing – Recurring problem Cleeve Road

A PROBLEM with the drains on Cleeve Road has happened once again despite Yorkshire Water having claimed to have sorted it.

The scene this morning saw water squirting from a manhole cover. Local residents said the flood water was spilling out sewage and mashed up toilet rolls which were flowing down the street.

A problem at the same location in September 2011 was blamed on infrequent but high volume pumps. A Yorkshire Water spokesman at the time said that the pumping regime had been altered to stop the flow surcharging through the manhole.

A local resident said that she had reported the current flood to the Yorkshire Water Leak Line and directly to the driver of a Yorkshire Water van that happened to be down the street this morning.

This afternoon the manhole cover was still spouting water and residents are advised to continue to contact the company direct on the Yorkshire Water Leak Line 0800 57 3553 and also online at the link below:

Visit: www.yorkshirewater.com/your-water-services/report-a-leak.aspx

4 thoughts on “Manhole cover overflowing – Recurring problem Cleeve Road

  1. I received this from the East Riding Council Customer Services Dept in response to posting this on Fix My Street:

    “Thank you for your email reporting a blocked sewer at Cleeve Road, Hedon.

    As you stated this was correctly reported to Yorkshire Water as it is not a council matter.

    I have spoken to YWA today who have confirmed that a jet van attended on 28.11.12 which cleared the surface water drain and that a vactor van has been requested to clear the main drain.

    This job should be completed by 11PM 30.11.2012.

    If you have any further enquiries regarding this matter please call YWA on 0845 1242424 and quote reference number K331260.

    1. Someone atended yesterday evening but:-

      They have left the cone in the middle of the man hole and not bothered to clear up the resulting mash of toilet rolls and who knows what else (again)

  2. As a resident of the estate who has to drive through the stream of raw sewage everytime just what are YW intending to do about the continuing problem? Sewage is being drained away by the ground water gullies so it contaminates this system as well as cars, vans, pavements and pedestrians who may be splashed by it. YW never seem to bother using disinfectant on surfaces which have been affected or use any mechanical means to remove the toilet tissue etc thats all over the road. Time to involve the local councillors – again.

    1. Some poor blokes house is totally flooded there now. Yw say they’re going to investigate tomorrow.
      Good of them eh?!

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