Hedon Blog and The Gazette

THE HEDON BLOG is delighted to announce that it is teaming up with the Holderness Gazette in a common effort to promote more community news from Hedon.

Hedon Blog Editor Ray Duffill will be joining The Gazette as one of its community correspondents.

Those who contribute stories, information and events news to us, will see the difference almost straight away – your news could possibly be carried across the whole of the Holderness area in the pages of the Gazette and reach a far wider audience!

The Gazette was first published in 1910. It comes out on Thursdays and is available throughout the region, and is a vital part of Holderness life. The 102 year old newspaper provides a grassroots news service, latterly through creating its network of community correspondents – this will ensure that the news that matters to you, is reflected in your local newspaper.

The Hedon Blog is only 4 years old (nearly) – but shares this commitment to provide local grassroots news.

If you are trying to promote a local community event or charity cause, or if you have news of local celebrations and anniversaries – then make sure you send it through to us at hedonblog@gmx.com or by one of the methods listed on the HU12 Online Contacts page. No news is too small! If it interests you and your neighbours, send it through to us!

Local Hedon businesses will benefit too – your advert in The Gazette is already good value and reaches customers across Holderness, but through our new partnership it will be possible to ensure that your local advert in The Gazette is also promoted across the world wide web as well, should you wish it – more details to follow.

There are lots more exciting developments that could take place as a result of this fruitful partnership.

See tomorrow’s Holderness Gazette for more on this story.

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