Wednesday Writings – An Ode to Parking in Hedon

THE SECOND of our ‘experimental’ works tonight. David Thompson’s work certainly draws attention to a controversial local issue in town!

David tells us that his experience of the Wimbledon semi-finals prompted this ode when he set out to get a couple of cans of cider from Rhythm and Booze in Hedon:

“I usually walk into Hedon town centre, but because of the rain, standing water on the road, inconsiderate drivers with their nearside wheels drenching every pedestrian in sight, I thought to take my car and get as close as possible to Rhythm and Booze to minimise my exposure to the weather.

 And so on setting off my saga commences:-“


stuck in a traffic queue exiting St Nicholas Gate (admittedly school run time),
turned into St Anthony`s Park to avoid queue,
then Watson Drive,
left onto Magdalen Lane,
left onto Baxtergate,
stuck in a traffic queue again,
turned right onto George Street,
stuck behind a wagon unloading,
eventually right into market place,
no-where to park,
turned left into Churchgate
no-where to park,
passed the church and left into Church Lane,
no-where to park,
stuck in a traffic queue waiting to turn onto New Road,
eventually turned left onto New Road with the plan of parking at Iveson Close,
missed the Iveson Close turn off,
ended up back at St Nicholas Gate,
turned round at the Charles Street junction,
got back onto main road,
turned right into Iveson Close,
got the one remaining spot in the car park,
by which time it had stopped raining,
eventually completed my purchase,
got back home, by which time Murray had won the first set,
Game Set and Match to Hedon parking!!

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