Wednesday Writings Column

ARE YOU INTERESTED in seeing your local poetry or creative writing published? Then you might be interested to know that HU12 Online seeks to publish new material via its Wednesday Writings column.

We will publish and feature the work of a local poet or writer on Wednesdays.

If you want to submit something for Wednesday Writings then e-mail it to – and please put WEDNESDAY WRITINGS in the subject line (we get lots of e-mails everyday and this makes it easier to spot).

If you can tell us something about yourself and the piece of work, that can also be published; it will make for an interesting article.

Shorter pieces of work are best (that can be read without too much scrolling down the page) and if about local themes then that would be good, but not essential.

Have you recorded any of your work? We can feature recordings on the Hedon Blog for example this interview on Rugby Poetry from BBC Radio Humberside features local poet David Thompson:

David Thompson, Michael Wood

Visit: Wednesday Writings

PS: The images we use on the main content of Wednesday Writings are meant to indicate possible content of the piece of work – the images are the work of the Editor, so apologies if we get it wrong occasionally!


Wednesday Writings – The Hedon Bells

WEDNESDAY WRITINGS will be our new regular postings that showcase those local folk with writing talent – poetry and creative…

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