Sold House Prices – Information for Hedon

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OurProperty.co.uk is a service which provides information on a monthly basis of new sold house prices within 500 metres of your home postcode.

The information on the OurProperty website is derived from data from the official Land Registry and they claim over 18 million entries on their sold price database. The website aims to update price information on a monthly basis and is usually two months or more behind the property sales as they go through.

When you attempt to search the website you will be taken through to a registration page where you will be required to sign up to the free service with your name, address, e-mail and a password. Note: OurProperty at some point will ask you to complete your own property survey although your participation in this is voluntary.

This list is an update to the OurProperty database for Hedon, and shows the latest prices paid for property in the town. The list received from OurProperty shows the actual address of the property concerned, but we’ve omitted the house numbers for this article:

  • Astley Close £164,950, 12th August 2011
  • Bonfrey Way £190,000, 5th August 2011
  • Haymer Drive £170,000, 4th August 2011
  • Charles Street £170,000, 29th July 2011
  • Westlands Road £112,000, 25th July 2011
  • Cromwell Road £175,000, 22nd July 2011
  • Stephenson Close £125,000, 22nd July 2011
  • Sheriff Highway £87,000, 4th July 2011
  • Thompson Road £99,950, 24th June 2011
  • Thompson Road £98,500, 23rd June 2011
  • Hull Road £68,500, 9th May 2011

This service is obviously great if you are considering re-locating to a particular area and want to get a feel for the housing market and actual property sold prices.

Visit: www.ourproperty.co.uk

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