New web address and masthead banner


This is the new web address of the Hedon Blog.

This will make no difference to regular readers:  You can still find the Blog in your normal manner, but it should help lots more new people find us on the world wide web!

You will see the new web address used in publicity about the Hedon Blog and it will eventually appear in your browser bar.

This is not the only change today!

As you can see, we have added our new Hedon Blog masthead banner (designed by Linda Hinchcliffe adapted from an original painting by Stuart McKenzie Stoppard) and also pruned down lots of surplus information in the right-hand side-bars.

This is all in anticipation of the installation of our new ‘theme’ in the very near future! 

2 thoughts on “New web address and masthead banner

    1. I’d like to say that Linda and I had been bribed through lots of free yummy Nutmegs cakes – but alas this is not the case!

      The watercolour image used in the Masthead is – I hope – instantly recognisable as HEDON.

      It just lended itself to the job!

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