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Rock in the Vineyard at the Shakespeare

IT’S NOT VERY OFTEN that the Hedon Blog brings you two ‘exclusives’ in one – but we do it today!

New up-and-coming East Hull indie  band The P45’s have been spotted by the Hedon Blog as one of the ‘best bands’ of 2011. The four piece outfit played to a delighted and appreciative  audience at The Shakespeare on Sunday 7th August! Whilst playing cover versions of well known pop and rock-classics you were left with the feeling that this band could do so much more. The band have a Facebook Page – but don’t take much notice of the YouTube recordings published there; they don’t do justice to the ‘live’ sound apparent at the gig at The Shakespeare.

Which brings us to our second exclusive… A new music venue has been born in Hedon as The P45’s played the ‘Vineyard’ at the Baxter Street pub. The Vineyard is the former covered seating area at the pub – so called because of the grape vines growing across its roof – and provided a perfect summer open air stage.

The crowd that attended the ‘Vineyard’ on Sunday must surely have participated in making a bit of Hedon history!

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