Jim Lindop – Independent candidate for Hedon Town Council

JIM LINDOP – who has been a stalwart supporter and contributor to the Hedon Blog, including submitting his regular personal reports of Town Council meetings – is standing for election to the Hedon Town Council and asks for your support next Thursday 5th May:

I have lived in Hedon all my life. Married to Sue with three children and two grandchildren. After leaving South Holderness School I worked as a Coppersmith at BP Chemicals until 1975, joining Humberside Fire and Rescue Service as a firefighter at East Hull, then Fire Safety, Training and in Staff at Brigade Headquarters then Station Commander of Bridlington, Driffield and Sledmere, then as the Deputy Brigade Training Officer before becoming a Group Manager responsible for Recruitment and Discipline. I retired in 2007.

I have been on the Hedon Town Council for the past year. I want to see our historic and ancient Town vibrant, safer and cleaner. Hedon is a Market Town of great character, with a good reputation, that with your help and support we need to maintain and improve its appearance and its special character. To achieve this we need to encourage and support commercial activity, ensure signage, shop fronts and development is in keeping with the character and ambience of Hedon, particularly within the conservation area. I support the idea of restoring Hedon Haven, surrounded by a park, also the re-establishment to its former state of Ivy Lane pond.

I want the decisions about Hedon to be made by the residents of Hedon, not a council who sit in Beverley. The development of housing should be in keeping with the character of the Town, in the correct place and not too extensive.

We need to listen and communicate better with the residents of Hedon. We need better flood defences, to be vigilant against proposals such as the incinerator and Hulls park and ride schemes and although difficult we need to improve and increase the parking within the town and keep it free.

Therefore I ask for your support and vote at the forthcoming elections for Hedon Town Council.

Thank You Jim Lindop


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