Industrial Dispute and Traffic Problems

TRAFFIC PROBLEMS ON ROADS leading to Saltend are continuing to dog early morning motorists and bus passengers as a result of the industrial dispute at Vivergo Fuels (protesters pictured above on recent march in Hull).

HU12 has reported on the dispute, but what are your views as local residents?

Please leave comments with your opinions.

2 thoughts on “Industrial Dispute and Traffic Problems

  1. The police didn’t help matters much as they were all down below the flyover at Saltend, when they (or some of them) should have been at the 3 main roundabouts (Marfleet, King George, and Prison) intercepting vehicles wherever possible and advising drivers not to enter that stretch of road. I drove into Hull (no problems going west) at about 9.30 and the two-lane east-bound snarl up was back to the prison, and cars and trucks were still joining on the back of the queue. Obviously truck drivers perhaps had no option but to join, but car drivers might have been able to save themselves an hour or two of frustration.

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