College car park problem – and solution offered!

A letter from a concerned driver:

Dear Hedon Blog,

I‘m a regular user of the South Holderness Technology College car park, both mornings and afternoons. At times (especially Fridays) it can be totally horrendous getting in and out of the car park and I feel that it is an accident waiting to happen.

I have found an aerial photo of the school and studied the parking area and have come up with what I think would be a good solution to this problem without much outlay to the school funds.

I personally think it would be a 100% improvement to make it one way. If there is the worry of speeding, sleeping policemen could be added at strategic points.

Car park - showing reader's proposed improvements

I would love to read the comments that other readers of the Blog might have on this as I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I have wrote to certain people about my concerns but haven’t seen any improvement so my letter was probably disregarded.


A concerned driver.


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