6 thoughts on “Anyone heard the Hedon Hum?

  1. Mathew Cooper told us on Twitter yesterday that he has spoken to BP, Saltend who confirm excessive noise had been caused by minor problem which should be resolved today and noise should stop!

  2. hello this was not from any sewage works it as been happening in the sky over the last few days and nights.it is not industrial in nature more like the sound of a couple of lancaster bombers,lasting upto 10 minutes on wednesday night and only a couple of minutes last night around midnight.both my wife and i have it and sometimes during the late morning early afternoon.on monday it was so loud we thought it was a plane about to crash right into us but nothing was in the sky.the nearest sound we have since come across is that of the russian bomber tu95 the tupelo bear a massive bomber with 4 propellors.it is a long range nuclear bomber and seems to have a habit of playing cat and mouse with our airspace-64 times since 2006.lets hope thats all it is eh ?!?!

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