FLYPOSTING can really bring an area down and gives the impression that a place is unclean and uncared for. So the reaction upon seeing this on the Hull Road Preston South Parish Council Notice Board was to report it to FixMyStreet.

On reading the offending article, however, then perhaps the questions need to be asked? Is this flypost a piece of malicious rumour – or is there something to it?

£80,000 to spend. Preston Parish Council has or is due to receive the above amount of monies for the further development of houses on Twyers Park, Farrand Road. They intend to spend it on the Community Hall in Preston. Yet our community hall on Princes Avenue is shut and boarded up. When asked if they ever do anything for Preston South the reply was they never ask. Contact your Preston Councillor. Find out what they do for us. As far as I can see NOTHING. Ask about the money it seems to be a secret.”

So the Hedon Blog has e-mailed the Preston Parish Council to notify them about the poster to get it removed and secondly has asked them to comment on the insinuations.

Will keep readers posted!

Oh… and also reported the Flypost to FixMyStreet!

One thought on “Just a Flypost – or questions to be answered!

  1. Just to record that I did receive a letter on 10th June from the Clerk to Preston Parish Council about the £80,000; it read:

    The Parish Council was advised that there would be a commuted sum available from the Scruton Development currently under construction in the Twyers Park area. Further details of this can be obtained from the Commuted Sums Officer in the ERYC (East Riding of Yorkshire Council). I can further advise that Preston Parish Council has not received £80,000 from the ERYC as part of any commuted sum or other funding programme. I would add that the public are given the opportunity to raise any issues they may have before any Parish Council meeting under agenda item Public Participation.”

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