GRAHAM STUART MP, in the first formal press release issued by his office since being re-elected on May 6th has welcomed news that local councils are to have a “re-think” on plans to build a giant waste burning plant at Saltend. He was responding to the news yesterday that councillors from both Hull and the East Riding are to be briefed on the possible down sizing of the incinerator plans next week.

The MP, who helped found the HOTI pressure group (Hull and Holderness Opposing the Incinerator) and has  campaigned with councillors and members of the public to stop the incinerator being built at Saltend, said:

With luck this could spell the end of the project and the start of something new. All we can do for now is give this news a cautious welcome and hope common sense prevails. The original incinerator was to be huge, old fashioned and inefficient. Most of the energy it was to produce would simply have been vented up the chimney. Local people did not want it and we have argued consistently for a greener, cleaner, more sustainable approach to dealing with our waste. I hope there is to be a rethink and that the Councils will ask the contractor to come forward with different plans which are acceptable to people in the area and which improve rather than degrade the environment.”

He added that he would be contacting councillors in the East Riding to be kept briefed on possible changes to the incinerator plan. It is understood spiralling costs and a fall of in the amount of waste being collected from homes which cannot be re-cycled meant the current plan needed to be re-visited.

Meanwhile, Councillor Peter Turner, Chairman of HOTI said:

We don’t regard this as a triumph. We have won the battle but not the war.”

One thought on “MP welcomes news of “re-think” on waste incinerator plans

  1. All I can say is the campaign group against Incineration should just study facts regarding modern Incineration then take a look around salt-end then ask themselves what really is the problem and are we just making a name for ourselves for the sake of it. They should really do their homework if they are that concerned and get the truth and weighing up the alternatives they will see that there really isn’t one, at least not a cost effective one!!

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