WARNING: Silver Surfers’ Day 2010 can make you cheerful!

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Digital Unite have issued the above warning to all those that get involved in its national day-of-action to promote the internet and digital technology by older people.

Now in its ninth year Silver Surfers’ Day is the biggest national campaign designed to give older people (that’s people 50-120 years old!), a chance to get to know the Internet, to enjoy the convenience and excitement that being online brings.

SSD10 takes place on Friday 21st May 2010 and can be an opportunity for people to find out about the internet, e-mail, digital photography, blogs, Twitter, Wii gaming – in fact just about anything digital that you might be curious about!

Friday 21st May can also bring together those who know something about the internet so they can share that knowledge with others.

Geoff Gower, local resident and creator of website Geoff in Hedon, has contacted us with a very good suggestion:

Did you see the Tonight programme on ITV Thursday evening? It was all about getting people onto the World Wide Web. We should have a local help network where local people could help other local people to get familiar with the internet. The prog suggested that many people are frightened by the prospect of using a computer. I would like to help. As a silver surfer myself I think I could pass on some knowledge to other potential silver surfers or anyone for that matter. What do others think about the idea of a local computer help network?”

It would seem that an event on Friday 21st May 2010 could be the start of such a network?

So, as Geoff asks, what do people think? Is there any interest in an event in Hedon?

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4 thoughts on “Silver Surfers’ Day 2010

  1. A Silver Surfers Day detailed above will be held on Friday 21st May 12:30 until 4pm, at South Holderness Adult Education, all welcome.

  2. Hi all

    Just to let you know that the Adult Education Service will be running a free session for silver surfers day during May at the Adult Education Centre at South Holderness Technology College – call 01482 897534 for more details. Also free help and advice is also available at our weekly drop in sessions. You can receive help and advice about how to surf the internet, how to email, word process, produce cards and calenders etc. These free drop in sessions run at the Adult Education Centre on a Tuesday 4-6 and a Wednesday 9.30-11.30am. For more information please ring us on 01482 897534

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