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Salting of Hedon Roads

DURING THE CURRENT icy weather (the worst since the 1960s) the East Riding Council has implemented its winter maintenance plan with a programme of road salting. The attached map shows the roads in Hedon that are routinely treated (red) and those that are treat as a precaution (blue) when ice is forecast to be present after noon on each day.

Click image for Council website information on Winter Services

The council carries out its salting programme according to a pre-defined order of priority:

  1. Major roads between cities and large towns on the ‘defined network’.
  2. Distributor roads leading to the “defined network” from the smaller towns and villages.
  3. All remaining routes and attending to emergencies on unclassified roads.
  4. Footways will only be cleared in main shopping areas and busy urban areas when resources become available and the roads are open and safe.

The Council does not routinely treat footpaths as stated above although they will treat paths to major car parks where the temperature is predicted to stay below freezing for most of the day. In more severe conditions available resources are targetted to areas where there are greater numbers of pedestrians.

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