AROUND SPRING of this year I contacted the town clerk via email, the latest on 27th Nov, in regard to a sign that I hoped would be placed near to the Kingstown Hotel, possibly adjacent or on the Preston sign, this would say “Leading to the Historic Town of Hedon”.

Why? Because I have been asked on a few occasions by people in cars near to the Coop supermarket on Hull Road the B1362, just where Hedon is; they said they were confused by the Preston sign, and I also know of some contractors who went down the bypass and came into Hedon via Thorn road.

Joanna Richardson Hedon’s Town Clerk says that I have received the backing of Hedon Town Council but we still await any information or contact from Mr. Mike Peeke who is the Highways Officer for the East Riding, so we wait and wait?

Article By Jim Lindop

6 thoughts on “Where is Hedon, signage “Leading to the Historic Town of Hedon”

  1. Received from Jim Lindop

    Dear Mr Peeke

    You will be aware that in my original email to Hedon Town Council in November 2008 and the article on the Hedon Blog, I never requested the Preston sign be removed. I asked that a sign saying? Leading to the Historic Town of Hedon? be place near to or adjacent to the Preston sign, therefore serving both councils and parishioners wishes. The original request was to assist visitors and aid direction into Hedon

    Regards Jim Lindop

  2. Information received from East Riding Council on 28th January 2010:

    I refer to my previous message of 29 Dec 2009 regarding the above.

    Following further discussions with the Preston Parish Council and a local
    ward Councillor it has become apparent that there is strong feeling with
    local residents who clearly wish to retain their identity with the parish
    of Preston and hence they are opposed to a Hedon sign being installed
    outside the Kingstown Hotel. The existing Preston South signs are more
    akin to village nameplates and I have suggested to the Preston Parish
    Council that these should be removed and Parish name boards installed
    similar to those on the approaches into Preston. I am currently awaiting
    feedback re. this suggestion and I will inform you of the outcome in due


    Mike Peeke

  3. I think it is a shame for the Preston South name to be removed, after all it is Preston not Hedon. Why not a sign HEDON and underneath , maybe even in brackets, Preston South.

  4. For information. Received from East Riding Council 29th December 2009:-

    Dear Mr Lindop

    I refer to your messages regarding the above. Please accept my apologies for the delay in this reply.

    You may be aware the western end of the town of Hedon (from Farrand Road westwards) actually lies within the parish of Preston and hence the Preston South sign was erected some years ago.
    As you state this sign appears to be causing some confusion for motorists who are not familiar with the area and to address this we will arrange for the sign to be removed and for a Hedon nameplate to be erected. Due to the manufacturing procedure there will be some delay before the work is completed however I would hope that the new sign will be installed within the next 8-10 weeks.

    I trust that the above information will be of assistance.


    Mike Peeke

    1. I would like to express my thanks to Mr Peeke for taking the time to sort the problem and reply, regards Jim Lindop

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